Packaging Materials Services is your one source for Pre-Built Assembly Containers.

Let Packaging Material Services custom design our Gaylord Boxes to your specifications. We will build, warehouse and deliver your containers to you with Just In Time Delivery Service.

Available Gaylord Box Assembly and Kit Options:

  • SUPPORTS: Single Wall to Triple Wall
  • TOP: No Lid, Partial Flap, Full Flap, Removable Lid
  • BOTTOM: No Bottom, Partial Flap, Partial Flap with Slip Sheet, Full flap, Full Interlocking Tray
  • SUPPORTS: Corrugated Tubes, Wood
  • PRINTED:  Up to 8 colors
  • PALLET: Wood (Heat Treated or Non), Corrugated
  • OPTIONS AVAILABLE:  Lids, Poly Bags, VCI Bags, Paper